Your Hosts


The Thomsons, Mel, Dianne, Lori and Roger opened Rangeview Guest Ranch in 1992 combining six generations of real ranching with 14 years of guest ranch operations.
In 2007, the 'reins were passed' from Mel and Dianne to Cody and Melissa, son and daughter of Roger and Lori. Three generations of ranchers to make your stay the experience of a lifetime.

Meals & Accommodation

After a day in the saddle, there's nothing like a good night's sleep! Relocated motel units offer basic, comfortable and clean accommodation.

There are eight one-bedroom rooms, each with their own bathroom. There's a common fridge to keep beverages cool and there are laundry facilities if you're 'staying a spell'.

When you come to Rangeview, be sure to bring your appetite!

You're in cattle country so don't expect sushi or tofu! Healthy, home-cooked meals are served three times a day (if you have a specific dietary requirement ,we are more than happy to accommodate your needs)

If you are out all day working with the cattle or just sight seeing, we will either show up with a hearty lunch or pack one for you.


The ranch is not licensed so you'll need to bring your own alcoholic beverages for the evening meal.

Guests eat together in a common dining room - a great opportunity to share stories and get to know each other.