For me the Thomsons and Rangeview are my second family and home - I am not a strong rider by the stretch of anyone's imagination and yet I have never felt more at home anywhere on this earth than when I am at the ranch.

The Thomson family's warmth, hospitality, humour and friendship have been one of the greatest gifts of my life and I hope that it won't be too long before I am able to return.

Camille, Victoria, Canada

" Why have we come back to Rangeview Ranch every year for the last 12 years? Because the Thomsons always look after us so well. Very comfortable cabin accommodation coupled with great food, a friendly welcome and to ride well mannered horses over many square miles of real prairie, working cattle like the cowboys do, or just riding to see the wildlife."

Roger and Trish, England

‘August means two things for us: Josie’s birthday and a trip to Rangeview. After 8 or 9 return visits, it’s not like going away, it’s like going home. The Thomson clan are far more than hosts to us - they are truly family. We laugh and laugh and laugh. And, yes, our bums hurt! Each year tears flow when we say good-bye and hearts abound when we say hello!

Chris & Josie, North Vancouver, Canada

We have spent 5 wonderful vacations with the Thomson family at their beautiful Rangeview Ranch. Since we come all the way from Germany, that really means something! Their hospitality is wonderful, the food to die for, the horses great and the scenery is amazing. The vacations are custom made.. riding, ranch work, sightseeing, visiting museums, rodeos, shopping… whatever you feel like doing,  the Thomsons make it possible!

For people who enjoy horses Rangeview Ranch is a treat. Their breeding program is exciting, we found our best reining horse here! We are really looking forward to spending another vacation in Canada at Rangeview Ranch'

 Tina & Michael Schweikert, Germany

Dear Thomson Family,

You have always made us feel like part of your clan.

The horses, the cattle, the grasslands, the wildflowers, the wildlife, the wonderful food, the quiet, the laughter, the wonderful people we have met, and oh yes, the fun - tons of fun - rejuvenates us every year.  We cannot imagine a year without being at your ranch. For us it is like coming home!

You have a very special place, thank you for sharing it with us.

Cherie & Barry, West Vancouver, Canada


And even more...

Thank you very much! Again we experienced the most beautiful holidays we could think of. It was a dream! We liked to chase cows in the huge fields, riding up and down the coulee's under the warm sun. Also the morning sunrise and the moon rise are something we will never forget. We enjoyed very much the hospitality and spending time with you all. Every day was special and today we even could see a new born calf and a newborn colt. As the other years, this was unbelievable.

Luigi, Monika, Annina and Delia (Switzerland)



This is probably the best vacation experience I've ever had! This place is mythical and you've shown us tremendous hospitality!! My brother, his girlfriend and I all fell in love with you much!

Alex (Calgary, Alberta)


Thank you for a taste of real ranch life, great food and a friendly atmosphere. Roger has a way of making people want to try. See you again!

Karen (Orton, Ontario)



We want to thank you for the intro to the country life! To the stillness of the land. Also to the great rides. I really enjoyed the horseback riding and chasing cows. Thanks Roger and the entire Thomson family. What a great experience. Keep up the great opportunities!

Jackie (Beaverlodge, Alberta)


Loved our stay Totally! This vacation was everything we thought it could be and much more! Most enjoyable with the guests that are "Old Hands" now.

Mike, Debbie and Karen (Burlington, Ontario)


Thank you for everything! We had a great time, and enjoyed it very much. Thank you Roger for the beautiful riding, thank you Lori for your great meals. We are coming back surely!!

Walter and Claudia (Germany)


Thanks so much for the Great Time. Aaron and I had a great experience and learned a lot of neat tricks with horses and working cows. We hope to make it back soon. Food was great and the bed was great. Nice Family to spend time with. Felt like home. Thanks so much

John and Aaron (Sparta, Ontario)



We enjoyed it very much to stay at your amazing Ranch. It was "Wunderbar" and we had a lot of fun! We will never forget these days, especially the rides (moonride), the food, the waterfights and you! We hope to see you again! "Han di" (I'll be right back)

Martina and Liliane (Switzerland)


Thank you very much for the beautiful time. Always fun, action, best entertainment, best breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good horses. We will always remember and we hope there will be once another time we can come back.

Marianne and Andi (Switzerland)


Awesome time! Thank you very much it was more than we expected. Everything was exciting and beautiful! The cooking was excellent, thank you Lori and Melissa, and Roger you are a great tour guide and host. Very impressed with the quality of your horses and I'll be in touch with regards to maybe becoming a buyer. Thanks again!

Krista and Aleisha (Ontario)



We had just a such wonderful time here and Edith was the first time in her life on a horse in 51 years!!! Its a wonder. We want to say thank you so much, we will never forget this time.

Edith and Hugo (



Thank you very much for the beautiful time. We had always funny people, great food, Good horses, Crazy Cows, and a beautiful Country. We are both Sorry to leave you but will remember and we comeback (as soon as possible).

Simone and Bernd (Germany)


To the Thomson Family - Roger, Lori, Cody & Melissa, Thank you for welcoming us into your home and sharing your Ranch Lifestyle with us. Your Hospitality and Friendship are a model for all of us in our lives. It has been a very relaxing time for us away from our Day-Day issues and it has given us a very rewarding insight into your lives and responsibilities that you carry with such grace and charm. Riding for us is a Joy and a little bit of Freedom. This Beautiful setting is indeed a treasured memory we will cherish forever, and certainly until the next time we come back!!

May you be blessed in all your endeavors. Thank you !!

Shelagh and Rob (Toronto, Ontario)


Thank you for the wonderful rides, the delicious food and your warm hospitality! We had so much fun with Roger, Lori and the ranch gang! We knew all this because we've come here several times before, but every year there is something new to discover and some adventures to tell when we'll be at home. Thank you again!! We hope to come back real soon!

Paulo & Cecilia (Italy)



Thanks Lori and Roger- You are great hosts & made me feel right at home. The trip was everything I had hoped it would be. The Scenery was amazing and so much sky and land. Very peaceful and restorative. Lori- You're a great cook and you fed us well - I'll think of you every time I make those yummy caramel rice krispie squares. Roger-you were very patient and always fun to be around. And I absolutely LOVED herding the cattle! (and roping the toy ones!)


Thanks and all the best! Sherrill (Ontario)



Thank you for a great time. Love spending time with other animal lovers. I enjoy riding around moving cows and looking at pretty flowers. kind regards.


Asa (Sweden)


I saw City Slickers and wanted to do a cattle drive. You provided for me over the past 5 days. I really enjoyed the trust you gave me to go out there and round up the cattle. I had so much fun and enjoyment on Dunny and Cracker. Although Cracker needs lessons in trotting. Also enjoyed your hospitality and wonderful meals and company.

Chris (RockWook, Ontario)



At the end of June 2008 we had great days at Rangeview Ranch. We got served great food everyday and we will miss this a lot. Roger had taken us out to some scenic places. Like along the Milk River to the Sandstone ranch. All the time we felt of having found a second home.

Gaby Wagner and Thomas Berger (Germany)


We all had a wonderful time here at the Ranch. Lori & Roger are great people along with Tina, Lauren & Cody. Meals are excellent, lots of things to do and great place to relax. Had a great stay and hopefully we will see ya all next year for a longer stay. Take care and Happy Farming.

Cecil and Tristin (Prince Edward Island)


Madelline (my Grandaughter) and I had a wonderful 6 day vacation at Rangeview Ranch. Lori, Roger and Tina were so hospitable we could easily adopt them as P.E. Islanders. We rode, chased cows, saw tons of deer, elk, coyotes, jackrabbits and "gophers" and we even sorted the neighbors sheep! The food was excellent, it is impossible to be hungry, believe me I tried.

I would recommend this vacation to anyone who like to ride and love to be outdoors in a wonderful & beautiful area of our country.

Ray & Madeleine (Prince Edward Island)